0000003807 00000 n See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Polymer composites are light, stiff and strong materials when compared with metals. Based on their composition, composite materials for space applications can be classified into three principle groups: polymer matrix composites (PMCs), ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and metal matrix composites (MMCs). Polimer Termoplastik - Polimer linear atau bercabang di mana rantai molekul tidak saling berhubungan satu sama lain. 0000033282 00000 n Furthermore, some naturally-occurring materials are also considered to be composites—for example, wood and bone. �F��)c�5L�g�pzf����G���_fė]�j@`���L�453Z�o&�m~�����d,a7B��L^(Ҽo~��������j|H�PNz����i�ܴy҆����}���~��=�@ϟ__G�ZI؏X�N�6,G�4�y��W��>va{V���\��W�~�(CHL;�U01�!�lX������s��9���O�K���!��Pr�:)v�})����(��Y|�/�x6[d�y���o�|/��J����]�^;t�'1��%1�� N�ĸ����6�J �/-������ 0000076889 00000 n 0000003843 00000 n 0000081237 00000 n Applications. 0000078721 00000 n PMCs are designed to transfer loads between fibers of a matrix. Use of non reinforced polymers as structure materials is limited by its mechanical properties. The fundamental concept and classification of composite materials, properties of composites and the primary as well as secondary processing methods of polymeric matrix composites have been explained in detail. Categories of Polymer Matrix Composites Polymer matrix composites are classified into two categories. 0000079878 00000 n Bur composites are defined according to their matrix compound; Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC): This category of … The second classification criterion refers to the reinforcement phases; here, fiber-reinforced composites (FRCs), laminar composites, or particulate composites are distinguished. >�Y��-�^N�Ґ�3U�R����x��t����!�l�&�\�c^���]������ΥɛȟۂZg�ێ8����@!���D���*�_����َ9���;�#3��c����kYt�f���G�=/GU�c?~����Cw��Q>49�h�� �@/�B�4O:�,_���.98bS�3�R��fsj�%�!���`j6��^4��j 0�V��.c�D����x1�"X�QlE�V�[9���ĺ^�A��G{9��r��h�}�'ق�G�,�DMU}��r2$d�gai(� �9�)>r�A���* large number of composite types exist that are represented by different combinations of metals, ceramics, and polymers. 0000077689 00000 n At NASA Lewis, research is ongoing to apply graphite/polyimide composites to engine components and to develop polymer matrices with higher operating temperature capabilities. 0000020399 00000 n Other advantages are good abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance. m��7� ��Ѵ ��F�^��h3Z�9he>�Vے&�f��x#S4�A�&1��$1����� ��� … epoxies Ductile matrix eg. �D�k�،���؋+�h���ru�J���I���P*~������F|����=�i��&a�f��T}S�@=�C����,nӵ[�'��:y��Q��Z���X~��k ��v�L�:��:)�h>�`]�l�3u�B=�>���i�'����4�0��;71XF���P5'��R��q�R�)��1ǴM�6[5�%O�#��3�^�����ymO�6�� CO�#�663j�"�66Sh�c�i�0m���� �t�����i�#N��s%P�BKg�T?Qj�F���I�v�H�h��@�� 2�@?w �����}e�H��RC�E�����z��:ҵ��D7lnPY��_�F뱮5���-3�O�`���~d�x���[0]�,���5R��8�ĉ�"�+�t�y�x��a;V M���d��fvK,�q��R�)�q�R�)�q�B�n��Q�̠�ό��`m��e�Ư[Jm����f 0000010041 00000 n 0000076725 00000 n Fiber Composites Matrix Fiber} Same strain So, either Matrix fails first Or, fiber fails first Brittle matrices eg. 0000079065 00000 n 0000044334 00000 n 4.4 Composite materials are defined as two or more materials that are combined on a macroscale. K] 0000002380 00000 n 0000004673 00000 n Category Mr�~�Ҁ���zj�x�����������-�����;2� (�s�$���ya�dBҶ0w�.^�Z��Ǣ�l="iӓ�G��a[ ?`^��� A�����Pxo�n�>[���}eUcK�( x�b```f``�``c``�� Ā B��,O���ZXY"��YmpQ���Ф�M��籽s``�z{��;� *�И������䂃.-&1��Z�l�R�w���2Q?�:i�'ÒS� �}��,,:��ƥ�����h/ז��R6K's�L���5��q,�������,Yͧ��ȉ�%�A����2���C�+@��R(�0�X�!2D�L@�G8 ��-��� �ET�M85=�$�'2�b�R� �@u�w����� ]� �*A� �K4�Һ�d�5804320�0�`+�~�ܠϐ�(������ � �`�����I�E��@��2�]C��R��F�V. 0000078901 00000 n Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC) Polymer Matrix Composites are composed of a matrix from . Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC) Polymer Matrix Compositesare composed of a matrix from thermoset(Unsaturated Polyester (UP), Epoxiy (EP)) or thermoplastic(Polycarbonate (PC), Polyvinylchloride, Nylon, Polysterene) and embedded glass, carbon, steel or Kevlar fibers (dispersed phase). m\���f �,e�,�p-1+-qC-1[]q}'7�sP7����˼����}\��n�a�?�0�������D+fC�us�ϺN���ް m�����t���tS��Mmy ����ޖ@�-���m���H�^���G ��m�� D3���9E�h��2z�-�f���J&����]�+��� However, most of those we consider in our discussions are synthetic (or man-made) composites. %%EOF Classification Reinforcing Phase Properties Other Structures Metal Matrix Composites Ceramic Matrix Composites Polymer Matrix Composites “ Composite is a materials system composed of two or more physically distinct phases whose combination produces aggregate properties that are different from those of its constituents 0000033660 00000 n See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. �iU��x�sZ1��&X�i5hG����ۺ�|�M/xu3��g�������i�����?�s��q�����O�e����ץ���c � ), type of nanofiller (metal hydroxide, metal sulfide, etc. By the type of matrix — polymer, metal, ceramic, and carbon. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 1.3.1 Classification Classification by polymer type. The term OMC generally refers to two classes of composites, namely, polymer matrix composites (PMCs) and carbon matrix composites, which are usually called carbon-carbon composites. ٖ��l�1\�� &�b�m9��v��@\�� 7��闂���c�@�����w��wXr���M6o���-6Ogռ�c��=�������x�[�1������7�{�z��t:�wJ��P�:T��8��# �@���# ^�g�� ��#�N�Rx�x�� �����B|r�/�C~���L��H��卾a�gk�n�(1�2�r�� (�X��{[T/�]���Ӫ *͂�1�b�Q��4�1�E)��(�0��;? 0000081073 00000 n Polymer matrix composites “are comprised of a variety of short or continuous fibers bound together by an organic polymer matrix.” They offer high strength and stiffness, unlike ceramic matrix composites (CMC), which offer toughness. 0000010269 00000 n 0000076535 00000 n Classification of Polymers Polimer Linear - Semua polimer yang molekulnya dalam bentuk rantai. Paticulate Composites: Particulate Composites consist of particles immersed in matrices such as … 0000016199 00000 n 0000078263 00000 n Polymer Matrix Composites In PMCs polymer is the primary phase in which a secondary phase is imbedded as fibers, particles, or flakes • Commercially, PMCs are more important than MMCs or CMCs • Low density, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, ease of fabrication. �-���ev~ӷ��I��|���^3�óm�ذ{�$c��`0��Ba���'��U:�CK�[��(��j�8Zѡ3 n��_���YD���i��U����!�n��NGk��-�ww���˿ �����KmZi��E�%�����FX����r���i�3�5�ٕ��A!��̬��BS��ta�_�q�=�m�����=���/�[V3�.��Jx1�\N�wH�bȿ@�M���G�N:��)3������0��)=�Nxq�W�'�+��|��\�C���EN�Y���}B+P�Q�����������]��9c ���F�$����gv���Yc����,�����|>ן����[Rn}�H!���o��R��:Y.������,s���.����=kɍ,�Y-��J׎|��v�scW��d�ݍ�2bt�-�7�Γ�]�����,���`7v�p�����������*����gg����q����py�Or��o���2vTn{����3�9N玽��7��D�W��/����q�2rt�WO�7vu�;�`���2ٮt���5�����5�k�Ш�>��d��� ��}�M�U]Ԍ���B�!Dy�a�)����4�;� �) V�-|ۗ�^���_ �Ì��T6��BlH�� endstream endobj 232 0 obj<> endobj 233 0 obj<> endobj 234 0 obj<> endobj 235 0 obj<>stream H��W�nG}�W�Ӣ'����~Y`WNv��mqa,�}���D��(*�?d�{�T_�"���x�8}���r��u�x��ma�ڲ If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Classification of Polymers . CLASSIFICATION OF POLYMERIC This paper is a continuation of the article “Composite Materials-A Review” and it presents an overview of polymer matrix composites. 0000005218 00000 n 3.1.2. The high strength/weight and stiffness/weight properties of resin, metal, and ceramic matrix composites will play an increasingly key role in meeting these performance requirements. startxref 1. Classification: Fiber-Reinforced (i) • Fibers very strong in tension – Provide significant strength improvement to the composite – Ex: fiber-glass - continuous glass filaments in a polymer matrix • Glass fibers – strength and stiffness • Polymer matrix – holds fibers in place – protects fiber surfaces – transfers load to fibers %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000028827 00000 n 0000077056 00000 n Polimer Thermosetting - Polimer yang saling menyilang untuk menghasilkan struktur jaringan dimensi tiga yang kuat. Composite materials are classified according to their matrix compound. Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs): 4.3. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Classification of Composites Composites are classified 1. ͌T�V�k��P��{îv�W?��b�O�\�Ъ�@U�' �Ke������wZ���dK���/�:4�m)��ݢ[�}�L�u8���J��c�,�c�4�*%��jQ����G~y(��4|](�m�p_�g�����^ӑ����LW�ul)�����~�ꢳ�cUi���u|��j?��)5����.+®��22_\?5q ��*���Y ��9 !ʪ�z�,�����9 )J��+�.5a_��,���,=��z 1Ւ=3��E�d���WǾZA��~�*��Ґ�0���H(�As��HFrG%���zx�Tp*�P��Q�PXJ�&�)��($FW�id��ķ�oqDSDL��/�;cu��:��Q=�!~�Ȕ��J����~�p�[���vss����ӈPR���T���w 0000003002 00000 n ��%���{Q���^S�X}�V ��j�/՟�}bO�V���Ψg�� ���!H�FAzh�Ӡ��' ��L%�C����ӑ���Lf�٘ш03�fcF�\�x>���'1��f�Y�B�6P2��O9���5���'��ӉT�/LT� [�ږ�zy4�t�va�M�k_ Strength of Aligned Cont. Provides a helpful overview of these materials, their processing and performance incorporating naming and classification of composite materials; Mechanical properties – Fracture. 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